Ancestral Delve Leveling Information

Ancestral Delve 18 Character Leveling information:
Ancestral Delve 18: Riding the Lightning 10/16/2011 @12:30

Existing Characters
-Level up characters to level 18
-Select one level 18 magic item, except for Verse who gains one level 20 magic item.
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-Gain 9000 GP to spend on equipment, magic items, or save.

Notes and links of interest:
Link to the Scales of War Google Docs (which now includes a page titled: Characters – which lists the scales of war characters, and their ancestors in the ancestral delves.)

Link to the Obsidian Portal Wiki for the Ancestral Delves:
(Updated 10/10/2011)

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Ancestral Delve Leveling Information

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