Ancestral Delve 16b

Ancestral Delve 16b: Making Up For Lost Time Part II

Deep in the Wyrmsmoke Mountains, the party ponders what their next move should be. Knowing that a very long time has passed while they were in the Feywild, they observe the skies filled with flights of chromatic dragons, and surmise that The Red Hand of Doom has won the war and controls the Elsir Vale, and perhaps the entire world. The only lead they have as to what to do next, is knowing that a gold dragon is looking for them. Consulting the spirits and the stars, the adventurers travel for a week to the blasted remains of the Halfling trade port once known as Halfholm, where they expect to find the lair of the Gold Dragon.

As they arrive, they are approached by a figure wearing a golden mask, who announces himself as Sideon, a servant of the Gold Dragon. Sideon explains that a long time ago there was a party of adventurers who worked for a Steel Dragon known as Jander. This party was the leading force against the Red Hand of Doom, and it seemed their victory was all but assured, having defended the city of Halfholm against the forces of a white dragon, and defeating the green dragon known as The Emerald Dawn. Unfortunately these adventurers vanished, and the Steel Dragon was killed in an ambush while searching for them, which ultimately led to the conquering of the Elsir Vale by the force of The Red Hand of Doom. The Gold Dragon, after many years of searching and hundreds of hours of diviation rituals, finally learned the fate of the adventurers, and of a possible path to victory against the forces of Tiamatt that ruled the Vale.

Sideon tells the group that they are the adventurers that went missing, and that they are the last hope against Tiamatt. Giving the party the recently acquired Reliquary of X’mas, Sideon posits that they could use the reliquary as a bargaining chip to gain the assistance of the Lich and Chronomancer X’mas, to send them back to the point in time when they vanished from the mortal realm – the catch being that X’mas is imprisoned in the plane of Thanatos, realm of the Demonic Prince of the Undead – Orcus.

Sketching out a basic layout of how to get to Thanatos – by travelling down through the Elemental Chaos to the Plane of A Thousand Portals which lies on the threshold of the Abyss, where one of the portals must lead to Thanatos. Unfortunately Tiamatt has used the Elsir Vale as a staging point to assault and attemt to invade other realms, and the denizens of other realms have fought back to prevent rituals from the mortal plane access to the Elemental Chaos, however The Gold Dragon has told Sideon of a portal that remains open, though guarded and erratic. Taking his leave of the party, Sideon give them his Gold Mask, biding the adventurers to hurry.

With new direction, the adventurers fight their way through to the portal and step through it into the Elemental Chaos.

Updated 9/19/2011
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Ancestral Delve 16b

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