Ancestral Delve 16a

Ancestral Delve 16a: Making Up For Lost Time Part I

Amidst the battle against fomorian slavers in the Feydark, the adventurers are accosted by the Gnome Seneshal of the Court of Winter who explains that the Lord of the Court of Winter intends to betray them, and there is a Gold Dragon in the mortal realm who is searching for them. Leading the party out of the Feydark, the gnome opens a crossroads into the mortal realm. Passing through the portal, the party finds themselves in the mortal realm, where many many years have passed – and the the forces of The Red Hand of Doom have won the war.

Elsewhere, in the city that was once called Overlook, but is now known only as The Slave Pits of Tiamatt, a band of rebels commits a daring heist. Breaking into and stealing the remains of an ancient artifact known as The Reliquary of X’mas for a dragon the rebel leader calls, “Goldie.”

Updated 9/19/2011
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Ancestral Delve 16a

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