Ancestral Delve 15

Ancestral Delve 15: The Caves of Menace

Lost and succumbing to an infection of fungal spores, Dante finds a group of gnomes, investigating the recent rent between the mortal realm and the feywild. The subserviant gnomes take Dante into the feywild to thier liegelord, the Lord of the Court of Winter, where Dante learns that his compatriots have been taken into slavery by the fomorian forces of The Mad King Under the Mountain.

Years pass as Dante gains favor with the Court of Winter, gathers intelligece on the forces holding his friends, and builds up a force to free them.

Toiling for what seems to be years under the yoke of the fomorians, mystic manacles subvert and keep the Irregulars in thrall as slaves. There the Irregulars meet a fellow slave named Grond, a goliath who appears to have been a gladiator of some sort, before he became a slave to the fomorians.

Elsewhere, unseen events bring The Mad King Under the Mountain to call for the execution of all his slaves. As the Irregulars are led to the execution block, Dante leads a strike force of gnomes into the Mad Kings demesne. With his now freed compatriots and the Gnomes of the Court of Winter, a battle ensues through the caverns of the Feydark, looking for the Mad King Under the Mountain.

Updated 9/19/2011
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Ancestral Delve 15

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