Ancestral Delve 14

Ancestral Delve 14: The Hall of Echoing Screams

Chasing after the escaped Githyanki Gith, the Irregulars become seperated from Jander and meet up with Martok. Trailing the Gith into an ominous cave entrance in the Wyrmsmoke Mountains, the Irreglars continue the chase to a long forgotten dwarvn hall deep inside the caves. Battling thier way through umberhulks and mind-flayers the party finds the remains of The Emerald Dawn, her thralls having turned on her upon the destruction of the emerald of control. Deeper within the hall, they find Tobb being tortured by a mind flayer and his minions.

Battling the mind-flayer, the Irregulars manage to free the unconcious Tobb – who has had horrific experiments performed upon him by The Emeral Dawn. In the heat of battle a freak mishap occurs as Martok calls upon the spirit world – a catastrophic interaction of a Mind-flayer’s torture device and the zone of spirits – propelling all but Dante into the feydark, to be immediately captured by fomorian slavers.

Updated 9/19/2011
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Ancestral Delve 14

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