Ancestral Delve 13

Ancestral Delve 13: Planar Bandits

The Irregulars, led by Jander Half-Orc, begin the searh for a means of releasing Tobb from the control of The Emerald Dawn. Thier investigation leads them into the Wyrmsmoke Mountains, where an ancient Githzerai monestary has come under the control of Githyanki raiders in the service of The Emerald Dawn.

Navigating their way through ancienct githzerai psychic traps, the party finds the githyanki operating a giant emerald crystal, which they surmise is the source of The Emerald Dawn’s control over her thralls.

As they battle the githyanki, Verse’s infernal masters take umbrage to The Emerald Dawn’s subversion of their subject and join the battle when The Emerald Dawn’s gith minions tip their hand and reveal Verse to be under their control.

The Irregulars manage to destroy the giant emerald of control and free Verse – however during the battle a shard of the emerald becomes embredded in Dante, Jander Half-Orc’s (AKA Jander the Steel Dragon) true nature is revealed to the Irregulars, the Gith leader escapes into the mountainside, and Tobb’s whereabouts remain unknown.

Updated 9/19/2011
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Ancestral Delve 13

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