The Scales of War

The story so far

Danger approaches the city of Bridol in the Elsir Vale. A group of adventurers meets for the first time at a small tavern to speak of the future. A daring raid launched at the very heart of the city, and an epic journey begins.

The newfound companions, bound by ties forged in battle, are tasked with recovering the citizens and stolen treasures of Brindol. Their search leads them to the ancient burial chamber of the Rivenroar family. Many were the perils that awaited them…and many were the perils they overcame. Sadly, two of the prisoners died before they were rescued. Kartenix, the guard captain, was killed by ettercaps in the employ of the Red Hand. Adronsius, the dwarven alchemist, was tortured to death only minutes before the companions could reach him. However, in the end, the Hand and its leader, a hobgoblin known as Sinruth, were defeated by the adventurers.

Soon, however, the clarion call of war carried the adventurers, now known as Sideon’s Army, off to the dwarven city of Overlook in the west. An orcish invasion threatened the city’s western mountain pass outpost of Bordrin’s Watch, an invasion far more organized than had been seen in centuries. Led by a warlord known as Tusk, the orcs marched on Bordrin’s Watch, and every able-bodied fighting man or woman was called to the city’s aid. Sideon’s Army was tasked with sealing the underground mountain passages through which Tusk and his orcs sought to take the city from behind. Despite the arrival of Tusk and the vanguard of his forces, the Army was able to defeat the orcs and seal the passages. Bereft of a leader, the orcish army melted back into the badlands beyond the mountains.

With the defeat of Tusk, Sideon’s Army was able to piece together links between Sinruth, the Red Hand and the orcish invasion. The puzzle led them to hunt down a dark creeper called Modra, who they were soon to discover was connected to even darker interests beyond the Elsir Vale and the mortal realm itself…

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