The Scales of War

The Queen is dead, again and messages from Brindol

Sideon’s Army scoured the entirety of the dwarven keep, eliminating the last of its monstrous inhabitants. However, they could not find any entrance to the fabled Mines of Karak. The Birdman abruptly disappeared during the final encounter with a carrion crawler and a few harpies. Only later did the party discover a few telltale canary feathers and the barefoot human tracks leading out into the raging sandstorm.

Retreating into the keep, the friends attempted to rest and wait out the storm, but were interrupted by the shrill calls of canaries warning of an ambush. Handily defeating the ambushers, the party discovered an Ironfell signet ring that could unlock the doors of the keep, and a trail of canary feathers leading down to a (now-open) secret entrance to the mines.

Descending into the mines, Sideon’s Army encountered more monstrous resistance and found another prisoner, a ranger named Atreus, who aided in the defeat of the troglodyte guards. In the mines, the Army discovered innumerable dwarven corpses, who appeared to have slain each other in a massive, maddened battle. The companions also discovered that the rock in the mine was shot through with glowing streaks of planar energy, shedding a lurid reddish glow.

The friends followed the signs of recent tracks and mining activity deeper into the mines, where they encountered and defeated a number of denizens of the lower elemental planes. The rocks shot through with elemental energy also increased in prevalence, until finally the Army entered a massive chamber with a huge glowing rift, a portal for elemental creatures to the Elemental Chaos. Across from it sat a massive naga, naming herself Shephatiah, the true Queen of the Drylands, and her demonic guards.

However, the Queen and her guards proved no match for Sideon’s Army. After their defeat, the party found amongst Shephatiah’s belongings missives in Deep Speech, later translated to detail the naga’s discovery of the mine and her activities in reopening it for a group of unnamed masters. The friends also found a strange enchanted ring, marked with an odd symbol with the following engraved phrase: “With Fang, I am invincible.”

Returning to Overlook, the party claimed their reward from Bram Ironfell and discovered that a messenger from Brindol had been looking for none other than Sideon’s Army. However, the messenger had left shortly before the companions returned, leaving with a strange, cloaked figure out into the city…

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