The Scales of War

The Price of Fame

Without delay, Sideon’s Army began its investigation into the mystery of the missing messenger. Through a combination of forensic examination, witness interrogation, pilfered notes and jilted informants, the party discovered that the Lost Ones, under the orders of a man named Szagyn, had kidnapped the messenger from Brindol. The trail of evidence led to an abandoned temple of Pelor in the Nine Bells section of Overlook.

On the way to the temple, the companions encountered a heavily armed elf going by the name of Thorn, who warned the party of an ambush, and told the PCs of a hefty price on their head that the Lost Ones were hoping to collect. Ambush or no, the Lost Ones were no match for the friends, who handily dispatched the Lost Ones, captured their leader and rescued the messenger from Brindol.

The messenger turned out to be Alys, the daughter of Brindol’s Guard Captain, Thelin Handsbane. Sertanin, castellan of the Hall of Great Valor and former prisoner of the Red Hand, had a dire need of the friends’ aid. The party wasted little time in responding to the castellan’s need, traveling overland to aid the dwarves in investigating rumors of abductions in the north of the Vale. The Army heard many tales of gnollish attacks and saw the gruesome results, but no raiders crossed their path.

Arriving in Brindol, the party soon learned that the platinum sword recovered from the catacombs of Rivenroar had begun to speak in a woman’s voice. Identifying itself as Amyria, the sword implored the party to carry the sword to a secret githzerai monastery known as Fortress Graystone in the reaches of the Giant’s Shield Mountains. There, a gnollish shaman sought to manipulate planar magic to become an exarch of Yeenoghu. In addition to stopping the shaman she named Fangren and his pack, the Wicked Fang, Amyria needed the party to aid her in a ritual that would use the magic to return her to her true form. If they could not aid her, her voice would grow weaker until her consciousness vanished into nothingness.

The companions had barely accepted her task when a group of unknown assailants attacked, setting fire to the Hall of Great Valor. With the aid of Thorn, who appeared to aid the party amidst the battle, the ragtag band of mercenaries was defeated. The victory came at great cost, however – the Hall and its artifacts burned to the ground. Thorn informed them that their attackers were likely bounty hunters seeking the reward, which had been increased to 3,000 gold each.

Setting off for the Fortress, Sideon’s Army soon became aware of some one or some thing shadowing their steps. Hidden traps and dangers abound; only the party’s skills carried them safely to the entrance of the Fortress. The minions of Fangren were waiting, however, and the party fought their way through the Wicked Fang at the doorstep and into a bizarre series of rooms connected by portals.

Scouting deeper into the Fortress, the party discovered a locked door, a strange room with vicious looking mounted gnolls, and finally a corner room with yet more inhabitants, turning to attack…

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