The Scales of War

The Chaotic Ooze

Sideon’s Army, rested and re-supplied, wasted little time in making their way to the little village of Talar, a short distance away from Brindol. Once there, they went to the Green Dragon Inn as instructed to await the arrival of Megan Swiftblade. Inside, they met Adrik, a dwarven invoker of Ioun, who had been asked to aid Megan Swiftblade as well. However, not long after their arrival, a massive quake struck the town, decimating the Inn. The friends were able to evacuate the Green Dragon, but were greeted by an even worse sight: a flow of strange, viscous fluid, almost like lava, poured from the base of a tower atop a nearby hill, decimating the small village as its people fled the carnage. Worse, strange animates made of the ooze rose up to attack the party, including one massive, formless ooze threatening a trapped female villager who was heavy with child. Despite their power, even the strange ooze monsters proved no match for the companion’s strength, and the innocent was saved from the oncoming flow.

After the battle, the ground shook as another tremor rocked the small village. As the Army looked on, the tower atop the hill began to sink inexorably into the ground. Two figures appeared atop the roof, one the party recognized as Megan Swiftblade, and the other a young human male dressed in apprentice’s attire. Approaching the sinking tower, it became apparent that Swiftblade had been injured. She relayed that the Freeriders discovered that Sarshan was working with an unknown group that planned an invasion of the entire Elsir Vale, and Overlook was to be their first target. The Freeriders had been targeted by repeated attacks and ambushes, no doubt arranged to prevent a warning from reaching Overlook. Reluctantly, Megan relayed, the Freeriders split up in the hopes of dividing their attackers so that one of them might make it to Overlook in time to warn of the impending siege. She implored the heroes to descend into the tower to rescue her friend and mentor, Falrinth.

Recognizing the name of the sage who the Army had rescued from the gnolls in Fortress Graystone, Muhlic and Atreus descended into the now-buried tower. They discovered Falrith in the lowest level of the ruined tower, where he took shelter when the earth began to shake. From there, the two warriors could hear chanting in an unknown subterranean cavern beneath the hill. Gathering the party, they descended into the caverns, discovering the source of the ooze – two massive pipes set into a rough-hewn wall, pouring out the fiery liquid at a frightening rate. The Army also encountered a group of well-armed, well trained humanoid mercenaries of various monstrous races – orc, gnoll and goblinoid, among others – led by a shadar-kai warrior and witch duo, who continued to chant a ritual over a portal circle in the ground. Easily defeating their foes, the companions managed to shut down the magical portal, which seemed to be transporting the ooze in from some remote location.

Orpheus discovered a ritual book on the dead witch that contained a few minor rituals and the coordinates for a portal link to a location he did not recognize. The threat stalled for the moment, the group paused to rest, recuperate, and gather information on the strange series events in which they now found themselves embroiled…

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