The Scales of War

Of Death, Rebirth and Assassins

Deep in the recesses of Fortress Graystone, Fangren, shaman to the Wicked Fang, howled in triumph as the portal to the realm of Yeenoghu burst to full life before him. Moaning wretches, once peaceful inhabitants of the Elsir Vale now twisted by the awful power of the Elemental Chaos, bore witness to the gnoll’s glee as the power radiated into the chamber from the plane below. Demonic servants and gnollish adepts joined Fangren’s cry…just as Sideon’s Army burst through the door of the ritual chamber.

The companions charged into the ritual chamber, only to be met by the fury of Fangren’s servants. Many were the acts of bravery and heroism in that chamber; Stump’s stubborn refusal to give up, the mighty bow of Atreus, the healing powers of Laric, the arcane skill of Orpheus and the deadly axe of Muhlic eventually proved too much for Fangren and his hellish minions.

With the Wicked Fang vanquished and the energy channel to Yeenoghu’s realm closed, Amyria lead Orpheus through the that restored her to her normal form – that of a deva. She seemed to have little knowledge of whom she was or how she had come to be trapped in the sword, but she knew she had purpose. The party sealed the portal and discovered a strange journal in the hands of the dead gnoll shaman. Inside the journal were entries written in two hands – one of which appeared to be that of Sarshan. Two entries of note alluded to the shadar-kai’s aid and instruction in holding the portal in Fortress Graystone and an imminent attack on all of the Elsir Vale!

Amyria returned to Brindol with the friends, and once there wandered off in search of the destiny she did not yet know. For Sideon’s Army, the path was much clearer. On their return, they were notified that Captain Thelin Handsbane sought their aid. After resting and shopping, the friends sought out the Captain and learned that Megan Swiftblade had sent a missive to Brindol requesting an escort to Overlook.

Apparently Swiftblade, leader of the Freeriders, had learned of an imminent attack on Overlook. Since acquiring that knowledge, the Freeriders have been the target of numerous assassination attempts. Splitting up in an effort to ensure that someone got the details to the Council of Elders in Overlook, Megan found her every move dogged and sent word to ask for aid to fend off the assassins. Any aid that could be spared should ask after her at the Green Dragon Inn in the village of Talar, a short distance away from Brindol.

Given the dire news and how it aligned with what they learned from Fangren’s journal, Sideon’s Army decided to aid Swiftblade and learn what they could…



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